IP PBX For Company

Solution To Manage Voice and Reduce Cost

Solution Overview

Propose to assist your company to consolidate its phone lines and reduce the communication cost.
The strategy to achieve higher returns on investment and optimize the data bandwidth and voice communication is to use Voice Over IP (VOIP) throughout the organization.
To this end, we propose to equip HQ with an IP PBX and factories with IP Phones and VOIP Gateways, and interface these equipment to existing phone systems.
No need to have additional PABXs in each Factory. Only an extension phone per table.
Since every factory has a wireless and fiber optic connection, we propose to use this existing data network for voice communication. This will integrate all the offices into a single telephony system.
We expect rationalization of the land lines in Factories and consolidate them in HQ for optimum utilization.
Remote Workers are able to connect to HQ via internet and make calls to office using their notebooks, PDAs, iPhone, etc.
In addition, we will be able to reduce the outbound communication cost by subscribing to Teleworld SIP Trunk service.

IP PBX Overall Benefits

Consolidating all outbound calls to HQ and utilize SIP Trunk service.
Eliminate ideal capacity by reducing number of land lines subscribed through out the organization.
Increase capacity on demand as calls are terminated via Internet.
IP PBX allows additional phones to be added without having to add hardware on the server or new PABX in each Factory.
Extension phones can be desk phones, Video Phone, WiFi phones, soft phones on PCs, or Mobile phones with SIP software.
New Factories can be equipped with IP PBX for reduced cabling cost and seamless integration to HQ.
Employees working outside the office can also connect to the office from their notebooks or PDAs.
Voice call quality is maintained by creating a separate VLAN on the network for voice traffic.
Dedicated Internet connection is provided for voice calls. This will ensure Internet data users do not take up all the bandwidth.